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Neumann U89 dual large diaphragm condenser
2x AKG C414 XL II dual large diaphragm condensers (matched stereo pair)
Neumann KMS 105 vocal condenser
Rode NTK large diaphragm valve condenser
Rode NT2000 dual large diaphragm condenser
Rode NT1000 large diaphragm condenser
SP C1 large diaphragm condenser
2x Rode NT3 medium diaphragm condenser
AKG C1000s medium diaphragm condenser
2x Sennheiser e914 small diaphragm condensers
2x Rode NT5 small diaphragm condenser (matched stereo pair)
Shure SM 86 small diaphragm condenser
Rode S1 small diaphragm condenser
Sennheiser e901 boundary condenser
Nude Microphones SF12 stereo ribbon
Sennheiser MD 441U dynamic
Sennheiser e902 dynamic
2x Sennheiser e904 dynamic
Sennheiser e906 dynamic
Sennheiser e855 dynamic
Sennheiser e835 dynamic
Shure Beta 52A dynamic
Shure Beta 57A dynamic
2x Shure 55SH dynamic original classics
2x Shure SM58 dynamic
2x Shure SM57 dynamic
EV ND747 dynamic
Audix i5 dynamic

API Lunchbox
2X AEA TRP 500 preamps
Amek (Rupert Neve designed) 9098 dual stereo preamps
Avalon VT-737SP valve channel
Avalon U5 DI
Chandler LTD-1 preamp/eq (based on Neve1073)
Drawmer MX60 channel
SSL Alpha VHD preamps (4)
Behringer Tube Ultragain Mic100 tube preamp/limiter
Behringer Ultra-DI D120
Universal Audio 2-1176 dual compressor/limiter
RNC 1773 stereo compressor
8x Focusrite compressor/limiters (in Octopre Dynamic interface)

Protools 10
Logic Pro 9, 10
Apple iMac computer (with 16GB RAM)
Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 AD/DA interface (with 2 Liquid channels and other preamps)
Focusrite Octopre Dynamic AD/DA interface (with 8 preamps and compressors)
Emagic MT4 midi interface
Synthogy Ivory Grand Pianos
TEAC stereo tape recorder

Presonus Monitor Station
Emes Violett active monitors
Mackie HR 824 MK2 active monitors
Mackie MCU Pro control surface
2x Behringer Powerplay Pro headphone amps
2x Behringer MiniAmp HA400 headphone amp
Samson headphone monitoring system
Sennheiser HD600 headphones (open)
3x Sennheiser HD280 headphones (closed)
2x EX-29 Extreme Isolation headphones (closed)
4x EX-25 Extreme Isolation headphones (closed)
Yamaha MG12/4fx mixing board
2x RCF 310 Active speakers

Yamaha Grand Piano G2E (Mahogany)
Martin J40M custom acoustic guitar, designed with Matt Umanov, New York
Taylor Baby (koa) acoustic guitar
Yamaha acoustic guitar
Tacoma Papoose P1E2 (with pickup)
Fender Stratocaster (50th Anniversary American Sunburst)
Epiphone Elite (Gibson) 1963 ES 335
Lakland Skyline 44-01 bass
Roland Piano 3000s digital piano (88 key, for midi input)
Fender Tweed Blues Junior valve guitar amp
Warwick BC 80 bass amp
TOA multi-channel amplifier
Harmonicas (various keys)
Assorted percussion instruments


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